About us

“Aspiring to fly high through peace and liberation”, this is the meaning of the word Masakali which comes from Sanskrit. We found it to be a phonetically beautiful and catchy word, as well as its meaning, since we feel free when we can use our passion in everything we do. We can understand Masakali as "mass-quality", because we consider that we have a product that is made with the best raw materials that exist.  

 In addition, in Masakali we stand out for our ecological character. We use glass containers for our desserts, and we have chosen to use paper bags or use special bags for our pizzas with 70% recycled plastic. The menu is also made of raw paper (kraft) and the spoons are made of corn.

 In short, we want to produce a high-quality product for our customers with the best raw materials without failing in our commitment to the environment. 

Our store

Artisan and ecological pizzas to take away or with home delivery! Our clients will not only come for the product, but also for our excellent service. We love having a closer and friendly relationship with our customers. 

The price of our products is also a differentiating factor. Our traditional and special takeaway pizzas cost €7 and €8, respectively. In home deliveries they cost €9 and €10. These prices make Masakali an ideal place for dinner on days of family visits, sporting events or just because you feel like it!

Located in Plaza Cristo de Burgos, 1 – 41003 Seville, in the heart of Seville, a cozy place that will impress you with its pure and ecological atmosphere.

Our staff

Our team in Masakali is made up of professionals who use all their love in the preparation of our products and who have a great desire to improve day by day in order to deliver the product to our customers. The perfect one product.

The reception team is trained in languages, knows our clients in detail and always takes care of their needs, tastes and preferences. They are great professionals adapted to new technologies, friendly and helpful. Everything to offer the best product to our customers with a big smile!

In the kitchen, we have professional pizza makers and assistants trained by ourselves who will always make the perfect pizza to quickly bring home the taste of authentic Italian pizza.